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Tools for solopreneurs and creators

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Hi, I'm @dharmesh

Over the years, I've built tools for myself. Little things that I wanted, but didn't exist. Have decided to share some of those with you here. No promises. Everything is pre-alpha so use at your own risk.

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Sorry for making you use Google but it was the easiest path

Web-Only, No Mobile

These tools are only available on the web. I've never built a mobile app.

Access to dashboard from all devices

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Some impressive user stat would be here, if I had one.

Brian Halligan

Chairman and co-founder of HubSpot

Dharmesh is a tinkerer. I'm curious to see what he'll make available here. And no, I didn't write this quote.

Darell Steward

Darell Steward

Project Manager

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Ralph Edwards

Ralph Edwards

CEO, Co-Founder

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